Live Up to a Satta Guru Conscience!

Suleiman Badar visited Satta Gali once in his life and he says that he never returned. This is quite an amazing statement because his life was so full of passion, work and action. He left for his life in a blaze of passion. How can you describe the serenity that prevails in Satta Gali? It is something that can’t be described and it is this serenity that has earned the name of Satta Gali as the God of Sattad Gali.

According to Suleiman Badar the founder of Satta Gali was a very religious man. On one particular occasion he went to the shila (rural) of Disarvan (now in Pakistan) to perform the niyamas (rituals). Satta Gali had performed many other rituals for the king and the people and since he was going back to perform the same ritual again he wanted to ensure that it would be performed in a way that would earn him the highest possible respect. In fact he wanted the king to be so impressed by the service that he would like him to perform the ritual again. This was done and the resulting satta king was given the grand title of satta king up Gali.

It was on this very day, 30 years ago, that Satta Gali came to my office to offer me his condolences on my marriage. He welcomed me with great warmth and affection and offered me his best wishes for all my life. He also announced that he wanted to marry me to earn the highest possible respect in the society and so he wanted to marry me in such a way that would earn him the highest possible respect in return. He said that I am a complete person and deserved to receive the data in my life. This is exactly what I have been doing ever since and I really feel privileged to have been blessed by a Satta Gali who deserves so much more than the satta that he was given.

A Satta Gali giving an award to another Satta Gali is not something that I would classify as positive affirmation but the truth is that many times it actually happens. People do not respect a Satta Gali because of some awards that he or she may not have received. When this happens, people often give undeserved praise and congratulate others on accomplishments without ever realizing that they themselves deserve just as much. This is why a Satta Gali who earns the highest respect from people because of the way he or she has served others should receive a Satta Gali congratulatory note.

I always thought that Karanjir Gali was born at 35 85 80 05. I found out later that this was not correct. While Karanjir Gali was actually born in Andaman, his name was changed due to political reasons. His original name was Bhabit Gali but after he changed it his name was changed to Karanjir Gali.

My point here is that Karanjir did not earn his Nobel Prize for his work with pen and paper. His work with photography won him a Nobel Prize. The fact is that Karanjir did actually win the Nobel Prize for photography. However, his work with photography won him the Nobel Prize for his contribution to art and culture. Therefore, if you are trying to live up to a satta gali achiever or try to be like a satta gali then you will find that most people will not respect you for your achievements and will only see your accomplishments as a shallow trivial matter that does not deserve any honor.

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