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4 years agoIn a presidential statement (document S/PRST/2014/3), the Council reaffirmed that parties to armed conflict bore the primary responsibility to take “all feasible steps” to ensure the protection of affected civilians, urging them to meet the basic needs of affected civilians, especially women and children, refugees, cheap jordans from china internally displaced persons and cheap jordans from china others who might have specific vulnerabilities.Also by the text, the Council recalled that States bore the primary responsibility to respect and ensure the human rights of their citizens, as well as of all individuals within their territory. It reaffirmed the responsibility of each State to protect its populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.Reiterating its strong condemnation of all violations of applicable international law, the Council demanded that parties to armed conflict comply strictly with obligations under international humanitarian, human rights and refugee law. Stressing the need to end impunity for human rights abuses, it reaffirmed that those responsible for such acts must be brought to justice.

I think they like guys that can move. I know at Oregon they ran a very fast paced offense that was very similar to Oklahoma. And I think I fit with what they need.. Altoona jumped on the board first in the bottom of the second inning. cheap jordan shoes George singled in Jin De Jhang off of Erie starter Artie Lewicki. Curve second baseman Michael Suchy followed that up with a double, then Elvis Escobar stand up triple to right brought in two runs to make it 3 0 Altoona..

Hester, Kristin M. Kreppner, cheap jordans from china Lauren A. Peters, Michael S. La historia marcar grandes cambios en el mundo dijo Clooney, la mayora no registrar que el mismo da Miguel Ferrer perdi su batalla con un cncer de garganta. Pero Miguel hizo que el mundo fuera ms brillante y gracioso y su partida se siente tan profundo en nuestra familia que los acontecimientos del da palidecen en comparacin. Te amamos Miguel..

My wire is 1,5 mm thick. Making rings starts with transforming your wire into coils. And than cutting the coils with a mini bolt cutter. 10, and cheap jordans online hospital staff spent two subsequent days asking staffers at the Division of Emergency Management and the power company to repair the equipment, which powers the facility’s air conditioning system.Scott said the facility’s staff did not do enough to protect the patients after the storm. His office released 159pages of documents illustrating how the AHCA and the Department of Health addressed requests made by various medical facilities.The documents, including a web based state complaint submission system, show the nursing home reported the loss of air conditioning but never indicated the issue was life threatening.”The action AHCA took . To close the Hollywood Hills Rehabilitation Center sends a clear message if you do not protect the patients that are entrusted in your care, you will be held accountable,” Scott said in a statement Wednesday.”The more we learn about this facility’s reckless behavior, the more concerning it becomes that the Hollywood Hills Rehabilitation Center made the decision not to immediately call 911 or evacuate to one of the state’s largest hospitals located across the street,which never lost power.”We will not stop demanding answers to these questions on behalf of every family who lost a loved one,” Scott said.Smith, the nursing home’s lawyer, wrote that staff members worked to find smaller cooling stations cheap jordans from china nearby hospitals.

A positive sloped drain pan reduces the issue of standing water that can lead to germs. A special patented MicroBlue coating on the air conditioning coil keeps germs and moisture cheap jordans from china collecting on the coil and being released into the air. In a few air conditioning coils, you can get environmentally friendly and proven refrigerants.

Kane, Megan S. Kane, Julie M. Kester, Jonathan Kizer, Tucker Kizer, Samantha M. Malik Huff, 24, of the 5600 block of Cypress Creek Drive outside Hyattsville, was arrested May 13 and charged with one count of first degree murder, one count of second degree murder, one count of first degree assault, one count of second degree assault, one count of manslaughter and one count of felony use of a handgun, according to court records. On May 5, Las Vegas, Nev. Police arrested Frederick Scott, 24, of the 1900 block of Oliver Street near Hyattsville.

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